What We Do

We aim to offer you exceptional customer service, we understand everything that we sell – we have used it all and eat and drink it all! We want to give you products that make you profit and gain your business the reputation of providing the best and most flavoursome Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates, Milkshakes and Smoothies around. BRISTOT, VESCOVI, CIOCCOBON and BIRCHALL are all high quality brands that show your customers you offer the best that is available.

Authentic Italian Coffee

We sell to the trade: Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Retail coffee, Coffee Pods and capsules and Filter Coffee.

Our coffee roasters only roast Authentic Italian coffee. Founded in 1919 they really are specialists in achieving a consistent taste be it BRISTOT, VESCOVI or our own blend – CAFFE GABRIELE every time. Procaffe SpA are one of the top roasters in Italy employing cutting edge technology, research, development and innovation to ensure a top class product. Constant attention is paid to every single processing phase to ensure consistency of flavour. The flavour of our blends does not alter and are perfectly balanced resulting in the optimum features in terms of BODY, CREMA and ACIDITY.
We believe that a blend of beans is necessary because no single origin coffee can produce a balanced espresso in terms of taste, aroma and crema. Whilst the Arabica coffee bean is highly revered due largely to its high cost, a percentage of Robusta beans is neccesary in a coffee blend to produce body and crema - essential for milk based drinks like Latte and Cappucino. All of our coffee is allowed to "rest" after roasting so that the gases produced during the roasting process can evaporate. If coffee is packed as soon as it is roasted an excess of CO2 is produced. Just roasted coffee needs to "de-gas" so that a good extraction can be gained and the body of the coffee can develop. For Espresso coffee the degassing period is somewhere between 3-5 days. Consistency of flavour is very important to us and our customers: their customers want their coffee to taste the same as yesterdays, the day before that and every time they come into their premises.
Our coffees are the very best blends of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from highest quality Brazilian Santos, washed central American and African Arabicas, Columbian, Costa Rican and Guatemala coffee beans. (We understand the flavour of our blends and as a result can offer a consistently high quality and unchanging taste).

All of our coffee products are compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP standards, they are also certified as Kosher.

Coffee Machines

We have commercial Espresso coffee machines to suit every application and budget, we sell and lease commercial coffee machines subject to status, we can supply fully maintained coffee machine rentals, lease rentals and free loan machines (full details available on request and subject to status). Whilst we do our utmost to maintain stock levels on all machines sometimes demand can take us by surprise and some machines may have to be made to order which can take up to 6 weeks from the date of order. Please speak to us without delay if you need your machine in a hurry - we will do everything in our power to get your machine to you when you need it.

Due to the great deals we offer we often have a stock of pre-owned machines that have been refurbished and repaired by our own service engineers, as this stock can change daily please call us for details.

For filter coffee we sell bulk brew equipment, pour and serve machines, teapots and cafetieres by BRAVILOR, QUEENS and BODUM. If you are a new customer or a start up business, our starter packages do exactly what they say on the tin – an espresso machine to suit your needs with coffee, cups and marketing materials to get you on your way, all with prices that are rarely beaten.

All of our espresso coffee machines are manufactured in Italy by WEGA. WEGA have established themselves as a leader in the marketplace and has ISO 9002 Quality Certification. Part of C.M.A. S.p.A. group - they are the largest commercial espresso manufacturer in the world, renowned for producing the best Espresso machines in the market for reliability, affordability and precision engineering. Exporting to 130 countries globally WEGA are considered a leader in the Espresso machine market. We use everything that we sell ourselves, call us to arrange a visit to our showroom for a tasting session and demonstration.

Barista training

We can train you and your team how to make the perfect shot of Espresso, the foundation of a quality coffee offer – either at your place or our showroom in Birtley, County Durham. Give us a call for costs and availability.


Our Teas are from Birchall, a family owned London tea company and one of the world's leading producers of black tea and a winner of many Gold, Great Taste Awards. Our range includes Breakfast tea, premium blend tea, Earl Grey and a range of natural infusions. All Birchall teas are of the finest quality and flavour, leaves can be found in the bags not tea dust. Imporient own the Pfunda Tea Estate in Rwanda and are the only independent UK tea company to handle teas from point of origin to point of sale.

Equipment and consumables

We can supply you with Bravilor filter coffee machines, Fiorenzato Grinders, Hot water boilers, Hamilton Beach Blenders, Ugolini Ice-cream, Granita and Frozen yoghurt machines, cafetieres, tea pots, Motta Frothing jugs, Thermometers, Cafetieres, Teapots and Bulk brewing equipment. Our consumables range include, Sugars, Sweeteners, Hot chocolate powders, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Syrups and Italian pastries and biscuits.

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